New Blogs!

Hey, everyone, let me hype you to a couple of new blogs I've started or helped start that you definitely need to check out.
  1. Colin Donohue Photography. (http://colindonohuephotography.wordpress.com/) I'm starting to get more interested in photography, so I decided to start a blog that would feature some of the pictures I've been taking. I'm sort of learning on the go here, so they're not all gonna be winners. But I thought the blog would be a good creative outlet for me. Check it out and leave feedback and suggestions. I'm open to anything.
  2. Pick and Pop. (http://pickandpop.wordpress.com/) I started this blog with my buddy Justin from Maryland. It's going to be a sports-centered blog, but we're going to make it interactive. We'll post polls, you'll vote and we'll discuss the topic of your choosing. We also plan on adding some audio and video elements to the blog to make it more dynamic and unique. Be sure to swing by and check us out. We're ranting on the NBA draft at the moment. But with football season about to gear up, I'm sure we'll shift our focus in a month or two.
And, of course, Prolix Prone is still open for business. I'm going to use this to write about all the other stuff that Pick and Pop and Colin Donohue Photography don't cover. And never fear, Prolix Prone will always be the home for your LeTravel James degradation.

Thanks, everyone.

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